• Graduate student in the spotlight: Levi Maaia and the ‘Maker’ culture

    UCSB GradPost 7/29/2015: Graduate student in the spotlight: Levi Maaia and the ‘Maker’ culture Kyle Corcco at the UC Santa Barbara Graduate Division interviewed me for a “Graduate student in the spotlight” article. We talked about my research into ‘Maker’ Culture and my recent visit to Cuba.

  • The drones are coming

    Stories about quadcopters, drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are in the news nearly every day.  While the horrors of war, invasions of privacy, daring wilderness rescues and Amazon.com package deliveries make the most sensational headlines, the game-changing role of unmanned aircraft for individuals and small businesses may be the most exciting prospect for […]

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  • Weekend in Havana photos

    In February 2014, Daniela and I traveled to Cuba as part of a “people-to-people” exchange program through Insight Cuba. Under the current travel restrictions imposed by the U.S. government, U.S. citizens may only travel to Cuba for a limited number reasons.  Insight Cuba and other tour operators are licensed by the United States Department of […]